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A friend of mine used the products of your company and she didn’t get the results (or she lost weight and then put it back on).

It happened because your friend didn’t complete the program. (E.g. a contracted spring ).

Can I give it a one-month try and then make a decision?

The thing is, when you want to go from Seattle to Miami, you’ll buy a ticket from Seattle to Miami, right? You won’t buy a ticket from Seattle to St. Louis, then from St. Louis to Kansas City, then from Kansas City to New Orleans and so on. Am I right? The same principle applies here – you can’t try to achieve results in a month if it should take ten months.

Or another example – imagine you want to do a major cleanup in your house. Usually you start at 9 a.m. and finish at 5 p.m. By analogy with our case you won’t see the results of your work at 10 a.m. Can you imagine how your house will look like at 10 a.m. –while the work is in full swing?

If I decide to quit the program, will I be able to do so?

No problem. We’ll return your money for all unused products.

One of my acquaintances offers these products at lower prices.

No problem. But are you sure that these products:

• Have been produced by our company?

• Are not expired?

• Have been properly stored?

• And the most important: will your friend follow up with you for 10 months to help ensure that you achieve the desired results? Or is she/he going to do it for free since his/her products are so cheap?

It’s very expensive for me.

No problem. You can go from Seattle to Miami by first class, business or economy class. You can also fly in the luggage compartment. What is important is to be on board the plane and reach your destination. If you have no money for any of our programs, let’s start with the simplest and least costly – the Basic program (The Quick Start Program).

I heard that if I sign the contract with the company I will be able to buy products at lower prices.

If you want to become a distributor, i.e. sell our product, I’ll be happy to tell you about our business opportunities. You will become a distributor, will attend our seminars and training. You will be enjoying the following distributor benefits: you will earn retail income, buying products with a discount, and you will build your distributor organization. You will be responsible for your own weight loss results as you will be a distributor; not a customer. If you do not plan to be in Herbalife business then I can show you our customer price-list. The prices include the cost of the products and customer care service during the entire period while you are using the products. You have to decide what you would like to be – a customer or a distributor. I will be happy to help you with either of your choices.